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Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Sharing our amazing work!

Ordering key events in history.

Learning about Queen Victoria in the sun!

Designing playgrounds.

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school this week - it's like we've never been away:

Year 6 



DIY Rocket

The Beacon - Keep the home fires burning workshop

Spellbinding Reading Challenge


Year 6 are enjoying the Spellbinding reading challenge books. They keep asking if they can have more time to read!
More information is available on the Spellbinding website:

Our finished textile bags.


Miss Hillier has been teaching Year 6 their art unit this half term. They have focused on animal form, movement and proportion. The children have developed their drawing through a range of tasks in their sketch books and  studied the work of artists Keith Haring, Umberto Boccioni, Marchel Duchamp and Picasso. 


National Trust Guardianship School Visit


Year 6 worked with Mark Astley from the National Trust to plant nearly 200 trees that were donated to the school by the Woodland Trust. It was a rather wet and windy day but that didn't stop our children from getting outside and getting the job done.

Design and Technology


Year 6 have been working on a project to design and make their own bag. One of the key skills was learning how to use a sewing machine safely. Thank you to all the volunteers that have come into class to help with this project. 

Amy's Care Visit


Year 6 invited Amy's Care for tea, cake and a chat, followed by entertainment by the school choir. The Year 6 children then presented them with the Reverse Advent Calendar Hamper that they had collected during November.  Thank you to everyone who contributed the many wonderful items that went into the hamper - Amy's Care were delighted with it.

Classification Outdoors

What lives in the school pond?

Year 6 set off on an adventure to see what lurks in the school pond. Pond invertebrates were identified and then classified using Carl Linnaeus' classification system.

Programming Lego Mindstorms

The Lego Club have been helping the rest of the class to write algorithms for the Lego Mindstorms, using apps on the iPads.

The React Foundation Science Show

In 2019, the world is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing that paved the way for future space exploration and opened the door to boundless curiosity and discovery in science.

The National Science Museum brought their show 'Out of this World' to Lakes College where Year 6 joined them for a journey into space in a fun and action packed show. Together they discovered what it is like to become an astronaut, launched a rocket, explored the Solar System and looked for alien life! 

Year 6 2018-2019


Residential Visit to Newcastle Upon Tyne


Year 6 had three fabulous days in Newcastle, travelling by train and metro and visiting The Great North Museum, Beamish,  The Laing Art Gallery and The Discovery Museum. The visit covered a wide range of curriculum subjects including history, geography, science, art, and PSHE. The children had a lovely time enjoying the company of their friends and learned so much from the experience.

Thank you to all the staff and governors who accompanied the children on the trip - we couldn't do it without you!

Year 6 Outdoors - Calculating with Metric Measures

Greek Pots

Year 6 have been learning about ancient Greek pottery. On Monday they had the opportunity to work with clay themselves and see how easy (or not!) it was to make a pot. They then wrote some useful instructions for anyone who wanted to have a go for themselves. When the pots had dried out and hardened the children painted them with similar patterns to those found on the ancient Greek vases.

First Lego League Competition                                                         

This term the Lego team competed against 19 other schools in the West Cumbria First Lego League Tournament. Everyone has gained new skills in collaboration, teamwork, programming, research and presentation. They had a super time and were great ambassadors for the school. A big thank you to coach Rob Way (STEM Ambassador) for all his help running the Lego Club on Thursdays and to Balfour Beatty who sponsor our team.

First Lego League

The First Lego Team have been busy working on their project and robot game. They are learning about team work and cooperation as well as developing their computing skills.

Railways and Bridges


As part of the topic, Year 6 have been learning about  the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, railways and bridges.  They then investigated how to strengthen structures using arches, trusses and suspension. After that they designed, built and tested their own bridges, sticking to a budget and a deadline for completion. They all agreed building a good bridge was trickier than it appeared. 

Year 5 and 6 Production - Jason and the Argonauts

Year 5 and 6 have been extremely busy rehearsing for their production, which they will be performing to the school community very soon. Here are a few photographs from today's rehearsal. 

Claude Monet

Year 6 have been learning about Claude Monet and impressionism. After learning about Claude Monet and discussing his paintings, the children painted their own paintings in this style. Many children found it trickier than it looks!

Year 6 Managing the Meadowland

Year 6 set to work removing the grass cuttings from our school meadow, to reduce the nutrients, so that the vigorous plants do not out compete the wild flowers. Thanks Year 6.


Years 6 enjoyed a netball skills session with Mr Charters from Cockermouth School. They developed their passing skills and  footwork as well as playing High 5 netball.

REACT Science Show

Year 6 enjoyed the science show 'Feel the Force'.

Visit to New Lanark World Heritage Site


The children learnt about the history of the New Lanark Mills and found out about Robert Owen, a former owner. He advocated and promoted the following ideas that are core to our society today: participation in community and society; rights and social justice; education; sustainability; fair trading and cooperation.

The children also experienced a taster of school days in Robert Owen’s time. The lesson included a drill, handwriting, arithmetic, geography and dancing.

Evolution and Inheritance


Battle of the Beaks Investigation


In Science, Year 6 are studying 'Evolution and Inheritance'. in the last two sessions we have learned about 'Adaptation'. We had great fun during an investigation called 'Battle of the Beaks', where we experimented with different beak shapes and sizes. Please ask us all about our investigation.

Worry Spirals 

At the beginning of Year 6 we identified our goals for the year and also considered any worries or fears that come with these goals. After recording our worries on our worry spirals, we hung them outside -in the coming weeks the weather will blow away some of these worries.

Meeting Cathy