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2021 - 2022


Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

Designing and making playgrounds - session two

Despite the rain, the Y6 children enjoyed their netball coaching session with Mrs Wilson from Cockermouth School.

Using primary and secondary sources to learn about life in the Victorian Workhouse.

The Y6 visit to the REACT Science Show.

Netball skills in the sunshine!

Exploring the new text: Street Child by Bernie Dohertty

The Year 6 children began their ‘Introduction to Python’ computing unit this week - what a promising start they made!

Dodgeball - we are so lucky to have such fantastic school grounds for our PE sessions.

 Year 6




Ennerdale Bike Ride

Our fabulous Year 6 students put their recently learnt Bikeability skills to the test on a bike ride to Ennerdale on July 8th 2021. They demonstrated true resilience and determination as they rode the hard 15miles to the scout hut. A massive thank you to all the year 6 parents and staff who helped with this residential. A big WELL DONE to ALL the children for getting there! Go tour de Paddle.



Sports Day


Just a few snaps from our fun, active and competitive afternoon of sport!

Memories of our time at Eaglesfield Paddle...

Outdoor Learning with Miss Lawler


The children had a great morning out in our beautiful school grounds creating structures with nature and collages with natural things. They weeded, planted and installed a rockery, log pile and bird bath in the reflective garden. Finally, they painted some special stones to leave their mark on the school garden before they move on from Paddle.

Phunky Foods Cookalong.


The children enjoyed a cookalong from the local Phunky Foods organisation. We learned new knife skills and about eating a healthy, balanced diet. Of course, the children enjoyed sampling their ‘supercrunch’ at the end!

It’s Microbit time! The children have been learning how to code Microbits - they created flashing hearts, dice and even a love meter! Henry and Charlie chose to write an algorithm for a step counter and tried it out around school.Next steps - writing an algorithm for a designed product.

Find your pulse!


In Science we have been learning about the circulatory system. We recorded our heart rate using a pulse reading before, during and after exercise. The children made some excellent observations when plotting their results on a line graph back in the classroom. 

Enjoying the lovely weather as we tested our knowledge of electricity to solve clues to help us ‘escape a wind farm’!

Baking war time style muffins with rationed ingredients.

What a fantastic afternoon for some cricket coaching by expert Jonathan Osbourne from Cricket Cumbria. The children participated with their usual enthusiasm and gusto!

Making circuits with bulbs, motors and buzzers in Science.

These beautiful daffodils were drawn by the children to send to the Rotary Club for their daffodil day display.

Our sunflowers seeds are sprouting!

The Resurrection of Jesus.


 ‘The angel said to the women, ‘Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified’. ‘He is not here, for HE HAS RISEN’. 

Look at the concentration on those faces! Year 6 maths!

British Science Week


We had a wonderful day celebrating British Science Week. We watched a microorganism at work by making bread, planted sunflower seeds, made bubble wands and solution, created collages from natural objects, made robo-bugs and even created a volcano in the classroom!

Back to school - happy,smiling children.

Christmas Waistcoats


The children have done an amazing job designing and making their waistcoats. They were very focused and took great care when using the sewing machine. 


Christmas Party and Pantomime


Who said the Year 6 children are too young to play musical statues, chairs and bumps?! We had a blast! Thanks to the PCA for organising the pantomime for the children to watch.

We have microorganisms on our bread!

‘Balloons and Bubbles’ REACT Science Show

Christmas lunch fun.

The Lifebus came to school today; the children learned how to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

Looking for a new book? Why not try one of the children’s recommendations? All the Year 6 children have been asked to choose their all time favourite book and share it with their class. Henry and Nell very kindly shared their books with us all.

Computing - using Logo, the children explored using loops and nested loops to create geometric patterns with repeated shapes.

Taster Chinese Lesson


The Y6 children enjoyed a virtual Chinese lesson delivered by staff at St Bees School. They participated with real enthusiasm and should now be able to say ‘hello’, ‘I am called’ and count to 5 in Chinese. The children also made an excellent attempt at Chinese character writing.


Still image for this video


Once we had established what a microorganism is and learned about different types of microorganisms, we set up an investigation into the conditions that mould (a fungus) grows on food. Watch this space for some photographic evidence of mouldy bread!

Searching for Living Things!


To bring our science curriculum to life (literally!), we went pond dipping on the school grounds. We had a super afternoon - the children were so excited to find all sorts of living things hiding in the murky water. 

Shelter Drawings inspired by Henry Moore


We experimented with form, proportion and movement in our sketchbooks and enjoyed looking at Henry Moore’s haunting sketches that depict London’s masses taking shelter in Underground stations during The Blitz. We then imitated Moore’s style and created final drawings in our chosen medium and edited our work digitally to enhance it. Some of us also added text to communicate the thoughts of the subjects. Aren’t the results effective?!

High 5 Netball

We rounded off our netball block with an action-packed, competitive High 5 tournament.

Music Makers!

What talented percussionists we have in Year 6 - they have rhythm!


Still image for this video

Victorian Drill 'PE' Lesson

The Year 6 children really enjoyed the Victorian style drill lesson. A very different experience to our normal PE lessons!



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Victorian Inventions 

As part of their Victorian topic, the Year 6 children were asked to find out about some of the most remarkable Victorian inventions and present their findings to the class. We learned how the telephone, the steam engine, the light bulb and even that ice-cream had been invented during this period.

The Playground's are finally complete!

Who wouldn't like to play on the Y6 playgrounds? The children have worked tirelessly with Mrs Rudman to research, design and construct prototypes of their playground designs. If only the children's designs could become a reality! They look fantastic - well done Year 6!


Understanding division with remainders.

PE - improving our ball skills in our wonderful surroundings.

Problems, problems everywhere!

There were so many maths problems scattered around the classroom this morning the children didn’t know where to begin!  They had to use inverse to solve the problems. Who would complete this maths marathon in under 30 minutes?

Ordering key events in history.

Sharing our amazing work!

Learning about Queen Victoria in the sun!

Designing playgrounds.

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school this week - it's like we've never been away:

Year 6 



DIY Rocket

The Beacon - Keep the home fires burning workshop

Spellbinding Reading Challenge


Year 6 are enjoying the Spellbinding reading challenge books. They keep asking if they can have more time to read!
More information is available on the Spellbinding website:

Our finished textile bags.


Miss Hillier has been teaching Year 6 their art unit this half term. They have focused on animal form, movement and proportion. The children have developed their drawing through a range of tasks in their sketch books and  studied the work of artists Keith Haring, Umberto Boccioni, Marchel Duchamp and Picasso. 


National Trust Guardianship School Visit


Year 6 worked with Mark Astley from the National Trust to plant nearly 200 trees that were donated to the school by the Woodland Trust. It was a rather wet and windy day but that didn't stop our children from getting outside and getting the job done.

Design and Technology


Year 6 have been working on a project to design and make their own bag. One of the key skills was learning how to use a sewing machine safely. Thank you to all the volunteers that have come into class to help with this project. 

Amy's Care Visit


Year 6 invited Amy's Care for tea, cake and a chat, followed by entertainment by the school choir. The Year 6 children then presented them with the Reverse Advent Calendar Hamper that they had collected during November.  Thank you to everyone who contributed the many wonderful items that went into the hamper - Amy's Care were delighted with it.

Classification Outdoors

What lives in the school pond?

Year 6 set off on an adventure to see what lurks in the school pond. Pond invertebrates were identified and then classified using Carl Linnaeus' classification system.

Programming Lego Mindstorms

The Lego Club have been helping the rest of the class to write algorithms for the Lego Mindstorms, using apps on the iPads.

The React Foundation Science Show

In 2019, the world is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing that paved the way for future space exploration and opened the door to boundless curiosity and discovery in science.

The National Science Museum brought their show 'Out of this World' to Lakes College where Year 6 joined them for a journey into space in a fun and action packed show. Together they discovered what it is like to become an astronaut, launched a rocket, explored the Solar System and looked for alien life!