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2021 -2022


Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2021-2022


Year 5 is an exciting and challenging year for the children as they are expected to take a more mature and independent approach towards learning. These skills are developed throughout the year during a variety of tasks and lessons and provide the key foundations that prepare the children for the challenges of year 6. In the autumn term all children are invited to go on a  residential trip to Lockerbie Manor in Scotland.  This represents a fantastic opportunity for our children to take part in adventurous activity and develop their resilience and further skills that they may not have even discovered yet.


Designs for our weaving - Art (October 2021)

Investigating thermal insulation (October 2021)

Netball Session with Mrs Williamson from Cockermouth School - September 2021

Bridge Investigation - Design Technology (September 2021)

Outdoor Learning - Setting Descriptions in English (September 2021)

The Ice Bear - Freeze Frames (September 2021)

Science - Properties of Materials (September 2021)

Year 5



Useful Websites:

Microbit Websites

Tinkering with the BBC Micro:bit

We enjoyed our visit from Life Base where we learnt more about how to stay physically and mentally healthy

We are so proud of our woven landscapes...

Loo Roll Solar System - Although on many diagrams The planets looked evenly spaced, we learnt that this is not the case!

Netball with Mrs Rudman

Biomes Websites A clear and
informative website for investigating biomes. The biomes of the world
with a world map and information. Information on the major
biomes of the world. Information on the
major biomes of the world. Information, biome by biome.

Computing - Inputs and Outputs

Problem Solving in Maths

Click the links below to play the Binary games we enjoyed in our computing lesson:


How do we know the Earth is spherical?

Using our text map to retell the story of The Ice Bear by Jackie Morris

Adapting brilliantly to ‘the new normal’

Year 5 



Home learning - this term the Year 5 children are studying sculpture, they have been working so hard creating artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

The Year 5 fitness videos have now been uploaded onto the Class Videos section of the website. Why not take a look? They're brilliant!

Year 5 Worship Songs

Our Year 5 Anthem - The Creed

Still image for this video

My Lighthouse

Still image for this video

500 Words Competition. Will there be a winner amongst the Y5 children?

Aspiration Day

Safer Internet Day 2020

It’s Tuesday morning and the Y5 children are busy writing narratives using the text ‘The Ice Bear’ as a model for their own work.

Art in the style of David Hockney using digital technology.

Adapting and improving our parachute designs.

Designing parachutes.

Year 5 PE

Mrs Rudman worked her magic with the Year 5 children when she taught them dance: their final performance was fit for the West End! 

Design and Technology

Learning to cut using the bridge method in readiness for preparing the ingredients for seasonal quiche.

Computing and Geography

Learning to use Microsoft Office Excel to plot the levels of precipitation, wind speeds and temperatures in Cockermouth and the surrounding villages.

Exploring friction - which material will make the most effective brake pads?

Celebrating our writing and artwork.

Can I round to estimate and approximate?

Using freeze framing to retell the story of Theseus and The Minotaur.

We used the structure and ideas from the text 'Skellig,' as a model for our own writing. We plan to send our completed pieces to David Almond (author of Skellig) for his feedback.

Biographical Writing - Who is David Almond?

Whole school Worship - the girls were commended for their planning and delivery of the Worship. Well done girls.

Can I send an email and attach a file? 

The Y5 child demonstrated their aptitude for computing this week when they learned how to send an email and attach a file. 


Composition and performance.

PE -Invaders

What a wonderful afternoon to take our PE outside - we are so lucky to have such a fantastic space and grounds to allow us to do this.