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2021 -2022


Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2021-2022


Year 5 is an exciting and challenging year for the children as they are expected to take a more mature and independent approach towards learning. These skills are developed throughout the year during a variety of tasks and lessons and provide the key foundations that prepare the children for the challenges of year 6. In the autumn term all children are invited to go on a  residential trip to  Scotland.  This represents a fantastic opportunity for our children to take part in adventurous activity and develop their resilience and further skills that they may not have even discovered yet.


Year 5 visited Dove Cottage, Grasmere as part of their local history study of William Wordsworth. We looked around Wordsworth's former home, gardens and woodlands and also explored primary and secondary sources in the museum. In the afternoon, we walked along the old Coffin Trail, using our surroundings to create some of our own poems - just like Wordsworth did. 

D&T - Spaghetti Bolognese (May 2022)

As part of our D&T topic, we made a very yummy bolognese sauce. We created our own Year 5 recipe looking carefully at the nutritional amounts, learnt about where the mince and spaghetti comes from, as well as designing our own labels for our jars.

PE - Commonwealth Games Escape Rooms (May 2022)

Science - Life Cycles (May 2022)

Mr Emmott came into school to show us two lambs from his farm. They were Swaledale lambs and we were amazed to see how much the difference in size - one was 3 weeks old and the smaller one was 1 week old. We asked lots of questions that helped us understand the lifecycle of a sheep, which we know is a mammal. Miss Swinbank and Mr Emmott's dog, Alvin, also came along to meet everyone!

PE - Cricket Coaching with Cricket Chris (May 2022)

Cockermouth School Visit - Harry Potter Science Afternoon (May 2022)

English/History - William Wordsworth Workshop by Dove Cottage, Grasmere (May 2022)

Class Worship - Wisdom (April 2022)

English/Art - Planning our nature poems inspired by William Wordsworth (April 2022)

Experience Easter (April 2022)

PE - Gymnastics Counter Balance and Counter Tension

Science - Friction Investigation (March 2022)

Science - Observing our new residents over time (March 2022)

Science - Investigating Water Resistance (March 2022)

British Science Week - NFU Lifecycle Live Lesson (March 2022)

Science - Exploring Air Resistance (March 2022)

Year 5 Aspiration Morning - Dream Big (March 2022)

Science - Exploring weight and mass (March 2022)

World Book Day 2022

Opera Workshop (February 2022)

DT - Making Pop Up Books (February 2022)

Science - Visit from Cockermouth Astronomical Society (February 2022)

PE Communication and Tactics (February 2022)

History - Mayan Food Tasting (January 2022)

Spellbinding - Finding our books! (January 2022)

Science - Fruit Model Solar System (January 2022)

Science - Fruit Model Solar System (January 2022)

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English - One Plastic Bag (January 2022)

Christmas - Santa visits Paddle (December 2021)

Maths - Finding the perimeter of shapes (December 2021)

Poetry Performance - The Sound Collector (December 2021)

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Computing - How do search engines work? (December 2021)

Science - Separating Mixtures (December 2021)

DT - Building Bridges (December 2021)

PE - Football (November 2021)

Healthy Ways - Lesson 1 (November 2021)

Science Investigating Soluble and Insoluble Materials

DT Bridge Designing Lesson (November 2021)

Cube Number Problem Solving (November 2021)

Year 5&6 Production - Olivia! (November 2021)

Jaqueline Wilson Virtual Author Visit (November 2021)

Finding factors using arrays (November 2021)

Times Table Practising (November 2021)

Investigating magnetic properties (October 2021)

National Poetry Day (October 2021)

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Designs for our weaving - Art (October 2021)

Investigating thermal insulation (October 2021)

Netball Session with Mrs Williamson from Cockermouth School - September 2021

Bridge Investigation - Design Technology (September 2021)

Outdoor Learning - Setting Descriptions in English (September 2021)

The Ice Bear - Freeze Frames (September 2021)

Science - Properties of Materials (September 2021)

Year 5



Useful Websites:

Microbit Websites

Tinkering with the BBC Micro:bit

We enjoyed our visit from Life Base where we learnt more about how to stay physically and mentally healthy

We are so proud of our woven landscapes...

Loo Roll Solar System - Although on many diagrams The planets looked evenly spaced, we learnt that this is not the case!

Netball with Mrs Rudman

Biomes Websites A clear and
informative website for investigating biomes. The biomes of the world
with a world map and information. Information on the major
biomes of the world. Information on the
major biomes of the world. Information, biome by biome.

Computing - Inputs and Outputs

Problem Solving in Maths

Click the links below to play the Binary games we enjoyed in our computing lesson:


How do we know the Earth is spherical?

Using our text map to retell the story of The Ice Bear by Jackie Morris

Adapting brilliantly to ‘the new normal’