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At Eaglesfield Paddle CE Primary Academy we recognise the value of Physical Education in developing children both physically and emotionally. We believe if pupils experience a high quality Physical Education curriculum during their formative years, it will inspire children into lifelong participation in physical activity.

In line with the National Curriculum aims and tailored to the needs of our pupils and our locality, we provide pupils with the opportunity to:

  • develop and apply the fundamental movement skills
  • experience a wide range of physical activities, including outdoor adventurous activities and swimming/water safety out with the school grounds 
  • be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • participate in competitive sport, in order to develop a healthy competitive attitude and build essential interpersonal and social skills
  • develop creativity through physical movement in dance and gymnastics
  • lead healthy, active lifestyles


Ensuring children experience a high level of physical activity is at the forefront of our Physical Education lessons. Pupils are given the opportunity to; develop physical skills, contextually apply these techniques, perform, reflect on their performance and that of their peers, develop and use activity-specific vocabulary and develop the necessary social and thinking skills required during game play. Our curriculum is sequenced to ensure progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS to Upper Key Stage Two. The following key concepts are interweaved through our units; fundamental movement skills, ball skills, tactics and strategy, healthy lifestyle awareness, personal and social skills and creative movement through dance and gymnastics.

At Eaglesfield Paddle we are fortunate to have a specialist PE teacher, who delivers at least twenty five percent of lessons to all age groups throughout the academic year. The benefit of this is two-fold; pupils experience expert teaching within the curriculum and class teachers are able to upskill their methods and practices for delivery of PE whilst they observe these lessons. The Complete PE’ resource package, endorsed by Youth Sport Trust, also supports teachers in the delivery of our carefully selected units.

Our close proximity the Lake District National Park enables children in Year 5 and Year 6 to enhance their water safety skills through water sports activities, including kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing on Derwent Water. The Year 3 and Year 4 children develop their swimming technique and water safety during six week blocks at the local leisure centre swimming pool. Any children who have not made the expected standard in swimming in Year 4 are provided with additional swimming tuition, in a six week block, which happens prior to water sports. Children in Year 1 and Year 2 enjoy visits to a local indoor climbing centre, where they develop their climbing skills, resilience and confidence.

Pupils benefit from our membership in the Allerdale Sports Partnership and Cockermouth School Primary Sports Programme. Children receive specialist teaching in activity areas that link with our curriculum units. These programmes also provide pupils with the opportunity to participate in local inter-school competitions in a range of activity areas, such as hockey, netball, tag rugby and rounders. Cross-country championships, gymnastics competitions and our annual sports days also provide further opportunities for children to participate in competitive sport. In these competitive situations, pupils are encouraged to channel their competitive energy into displaying good sportsmanship and the School Games Mark principles.


We aspire for all pupils to have a positive experience of PE and develop an enjoyment of sport and physical activity, in order to promote a lifelong healthy, active lifestyle. Pupils develop physical skills in a broad range of activities and are equipped with the necessary tactical and social skills to apply techniques to competitive situations.

We measure the impact of our PE curriculum through:

  • pupil voice - interviews/discussions
  • end of unit assessments, which provide a tracking system to monitor the progress and development of skills across a range of activities
  • governor monitoring with our PE link governor
  • image and video evidence of the children’s learning
  • the uptake of our sports after-school clubs and children’s eagerness to compete in inter-school competitions
  • 'Evidencing the impact of the primary PE and sport premium' document (see link below)