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Hire Our Hall

Do you need a large venue for a special event?

Would you like to use a large indoor space for fitness and sport?


If so, are you interested in hiring our school hall?


It is available (out of school hours) at a competitive rate, with all profits from this going to support the school.

For further booking information please contact the school office by email or telephone:




Telephone: 01900 823188  


The use of school premises by other organisations:

Where services or activities are provided separately by another provider using the school premises, the Head teacher and Governing Body will seek assurance that the provider concerned has appropriate Policies and procedures in place with regard to safeguarding children and child protection (including inspecting these as needed) and that other providers have ensured that relevant safeguarding checks have been made in respect of staff and volunteers.  This applies regardless of whether or not the children who attend any of these services or activities are children on the school roll.  We will also ensure that safeguarding requirements are included in any lease or hire agreement as a condition of use and occupation of the premises.  We will ensure that there are arrangements in place for the provider to liaise with the school on safeguarding and child protection matters where appropriate.  The DfE non-statutory guidance on Keeping children safe in out-of-school settings details the safeguarding arrangements that we expect these providers to have in place.

Where we receive an allegation relating to an incident that happened when an individual or organisation was using the school premises for the purposes of running activities for children, we will follow the allegations procedures including, where necessary, informing the LADO.

The Governors/Head teacher will take appropriate action to ensure that the school is not hired out or otherwise let to external providers that use the premises to deliver messages of, or support for, extremist ideologies or radicalisation.