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Dance Monkeys


Check out Year Four’s dance. It was choreographed by themselves with help from Mrs Hampson!

Night lights


As part of Design and Technology, the Year Fours designed night lights suitable for toddlers. We have been learning all about electricity in Science and have enjoyed experimenting with circuits. Everyone was disappointed that we wouldn't be able to make them in school. Some children, who knew they had resources at home, took home some electrical equipment so that they could still make one as best they could. I'm really proud that school shutting hasn't deterred them. Super effort!

Stay safe Year 4. Here's a good reminder from Libby:

Exciting Electricity- circuits, conductors, insulators and switches

A fun filled day at Senhouse Roman Museum finding out about Roman Maryport

Amazing animal tessellations inspired by M.C. Escher

Finished Roman Mosaics


Learning how a CD player works (retro!) and drawing diagrams

Working together to create mosaics inspired by the Romans

Learning our new text: Until I Met Dudley

Balance and control

Exploring pitch and volume in Science

Verbal TT Rockstars

Our Robin Pom-poms

Brilliant Brass

Christmas Party Fun - including Strictly Come Dancing!

Demonstrating the digestive process

Emotion portraits inspired by Charles Keeping and Fred Babb

Peg Roman Soldiers

Leon and the Place Between

Izzy’s Boudicca Research

Making Teeth!


As part of our Burps, Bottoms and Bile topic (teeth and digestion), Year 4 made their own set of model teeth. This activity helped us to really analyse the shapes of different human teeth and then we were able to link the shape to the function. Children spent some time investigating the functions of different teeth by eating different foods and recording which teeth they used for which job. Everyone got different answers because lots of Year Fours have more gums than teeth!