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Foundation Stage

Welcome to EYFS 2023 -2024

Reception Parent Meeting September 2023

New beginnings

Nursery Topic Web Autumn 1 2023

Nursery Yearly Overview 2023-2024

Reception Autumn 1 Topic web

Welcome to EYFS


Summer 2 Reception Topic Web

Butterfly homes & release

Animal Habitats. The children loved the visit from Pet Encounters where they learnt about animal homes & habitats.

Painting houses in the style of James Rizzi

Reception Topic Web Summer 1 "Whose House is This?"

Easter Celebrations

Bring Your Bike to School Day

Visit From Whitehaven Fire Service

Signs of Spring forest school.

Reception Topic Web Spring Term 2 2023

Nursery Topic Web Spring 2 2023

One Snowy Day....

Traffic Survey. What type of vehicles travel past school?

Foundation Stage Topic Web Spring Term 1 2023

Christmas Trip To Whinlatter

Autumn 2 Topic Web

Talk for Writing - The Little Red Hen.

We went for a walk round the school to look for Autumn signs.

Autumn 1 Topic Web

Dress Like a Pirate Day.

Where Would You Bury Your Treasure? We visited the Pirate Exhibition at the Beacon Museum.

Summer 2 Topic Web

Summer Term 1 All about minibeasts! We have been thinking about why minibeasts are important.

Summer term in nursery, part one!

This half term we have been learning about mini beasts and life cycles, we had a visit from pet encounters with lots of crawlies. We have been exploring the very hungry caterpillar story and retelling it using actions. we have also been exploring how things and people change over time.

We have also been working hard learning makaton nursery rhymes.

Spring term in Nursery!

We had lots of fun discovering shapes, making obstacle courses and exploring the garden looking for signs of spring.


We are taking care of tadpoles and learning about their life cycle.

Stream Investigations

Spring 2 Reception Topic Web

How to Catch a Star.

Exploring Capacity in the pop factory.

Frozen Planet! We explored drawing with wax and covering with a blue wash to create Jack Frost pictures.

Spring 1 Nursery

Spring 1 Topic Web- What Happens in Other Worlds?

Christmas Trip to Whinlatter Forest

This week in reception we have been looking at items from the past. The children have enjoyed bringing in and talking about items that were precious to their family members in the past.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff. This week in Reception we received a letter from a troll! He warned use not to use the bridge in our garden. The children quickly set about looking for evidence that a troll was out and about and they closed the bridge with warning tape just in case........ The children went on to create trolls out of playdough, paint and other creative materials. On Wednesday the troll sent us a copy of a story that he actually doesn't like very much - The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have been busy learning the story and making up some actions to go with it.

Autumn Term 2021

Nursery Autumn 1


Exploring how things work!

We have been sharing the story of "Room on the Broom." It has been a firm favourite with the children who have spent time flying on the broomstick, making spells, pretending to be the witch from the story and creating their own magic wands.

Autumn 2 Topic Web

Talk For Writing. The Little Red Hen

Reception Class

Exploring Our School

Useful Documents 

Space Travel and Aliens

Tinkering! (Investigating the different parts of computers)

Spring has arrived

World Book Day. The children enjoyed reading a range of different books in a variety of usual places.

Parents' Meeting Sept 2020

Welcome to our Foundation Stage.

This week we have been having lots of fun, exploring, settling into school and meeting new friends.

Celebrating World Book Day. Year 6 came to read stories to our Nursery children. They were enthralled with your story telling. Thank you. 😊

Our literacy focus at the moment  is the book "We're Going On A Bear Hunt". This has led to super story mapping and discussion and soon we will write our own stories, following the same thread but changing some of the key components with our own ideas.  In turn this has led to alot of play involving, bear hunts and caves. 


Outside the children are pretending to be bears and have made their own bear den, numbered it number 2, have begun to record by writing a title and then have used numbers to note down  the amount of people the bears have caught.


What super imaginative play everyone, well done.  We cannot wait to read your own adapted stories. 

Going on a bear hunt!

Eaglesfield Paddle are very proud to be part of the National Trust Guardianship scheme. Mark our National Trust ranger comes in regularly to provide varied learning activities.  Today we were making various Christmas decorations.  The children did a super job at following instructions and using their own creativity when required. At the end of the day some of the decorations we made, were distributed among the other classes in the school as gifts. Thanks Mark for a fantastic day and Merry Christmas everyone. 

Christmas decorations with Mark from the National Trust

Today we have been busy baking gingerbread men.  This is in preparation for our literacy tasks where we will be learning about the story and writing our own gingerbread recipes. Luckily none of our gingerbread men ran away!! 

Gingerbread Men!

We are all raring to go with phase 2 phonics  After introducing the "s" sound the children had a go at writing the letter s.  We made a sssssnake pit and tiptoed around our mark making.  

Sssssnake pit!

What a fantastic start to the school year and everyone has settled well into their new Reception class. Here are a couple of pictures of us learning and we will add some more as time goes on.  Thanks, EYFS team.  

Today for PE we were practising the long jump, hurdles and javelin throwing. 

We were taught a technique for each sporting event and had to try our best to put it into practise. 

We may be using these skills on sports day so we will continue to perfect them. 

Super effort everyone. 

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year.  Here are a few of our pictures to share. This celebration touches on so many areas of the curriculum it has been a fantastic topic.  We have learnt about the traditions and customs in RE, made up our very own dragon dance in PE and also created Chinese lanterns and dragons.  We have had a go  at Chinese writing, spelt our phonics tricky words using chopsticks and used colourful rice to fill bottles for capacity in maths and talk about our findings. In music we gave sang a special Chinese sont too! Tomorrow we will be cooking and eating noodles. Wow what a busy week Reception, you will be ready for the half term holiday!

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

We have been learning all about goats following our "Talk for Writing" story "The Three Billy Goats Gruff." We even had a couple of special visitors!

Christmas in Whinlatter

Sharing books with the Year 5 children.

This afternoon we expored our school grounds for any signs of Autumn.  We also collected our finds and made an Autumn collage out of them. One of the children chose to peel the bark  and add it to his collage.  What a fantastic technique.   Super learning through the seasons Reception. 

Phonics Presentation from the Welcome Meeting