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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3



Science - soil observations (February 2024)

NSPCC Number Day (February 2024)

History - exploring Tutankhamun‘s Tomb (January 2024)

English - The Pied Piper freeze frames (January 2024)

Science - investigating rocks (January 2024)

Art (January 2024)

Gymnastics - Symmetrical and asymmetrical balances (January 2024)

PE - ceilidh dancing (the military two step)

Tinsel Tuesday - creating Christmas cards, decorations, party lunch and a party!

Enjoying our new recommended reads!

PE. - Football with Year 5

DT - Creating our pneumatic toys

PE - Hockey with Miss Hutton from Cockermouth School

Science - Creating magnetic games

Maths - ‘Barvember’

English - Sharing our poems with Year 4

Science - Investigating Friction

PE - Meditative Balances

Science - Push and Pull Freeze Frames

Art - Gestural drawings with charcoal

Science - Investigating the requirements for plants to grow

Our first violin lesson with Mr Wright

The Iron Man visited school!

Welcome to Year 3



Year 3- Curriculum Overview

RE- Happy Mother's Day from Year 3

RE- To introduce our new topic the children went outside to identify the 'Wow factors' of nature. We listened to Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World' and read the Christian creation story from Genesis 1:1-25. We discussed the question, If God is the creator, what kind of God must He be?

RE- What do Christians Learn From the creation story?

Science- Today the children have been working scientifically to group rocks based on their properties. We used science equipment to make systematic and careful observations.

PE- Year 3 have enjoyed their first gymnastics session. They were learning some of the basic gymnastic positions and creating balances using their 8 different points.

DT- As part of our textile unit, the children are creating cushions using cross-stitch, running-stitch and applique.

Here at Eaglesfield Paddle Academy, the children are really enjoying their weekly Violin lessons.

Art- Stone Age Art. Over the topic the children have been introduced to different skills and methods to draw, mark make and paint. These are our final pieces of work, where we put all the techniques together to create our own "cave" paintings.

English- In Year 3, we are working on instruction writing. The children took their "Stone- Age" instructions outside and followed them to create a fire. (We didn't light them!)

PE- The children are learning the skills and practicing the techniques for playing hockey. What a great way to start the day!

Music- What a great start to Year 3 Music lessons. The children are really excited to be learning how to play the violin this year.

English- Today we have completed our poems inspired by 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright

Art- To begin our Art topic "Stone Age Art" we found out about the Lion Man. The Lion Man is a masterpiece sculpted with great originality, virtuosity and technical skill from mammoth ivory more than 40000 year ago. The children created their own "Lion Man" sculpture using clay and natural tools they found outside.

Outdoor Science- It's the best time of year to learn about seed dispersal. The children had great fun searching for seed in our beautiful outdoor area. They also found out about how different seeds disperse.