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RE- Happy Mother's Day from Year 3

RE- To introduce our new topic the children went outside to identify the 'Wow factors' of nature. We listened to Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World' and read the Christian creation story from Genesis 1:1-25. We discussed the question, If God is the creator, what kind of God must He be?

RE- What do Christians Learn From the creation story?

Science- Today the children have been working scientifically to group rocks based on their properties. We used science equipment to make systematic and careful observations.

PE- Year 3 have enjoyed their first gymnastics session. They were learning some of the basic gymnastic positions and creating balances using their 8 different points.

DT- As part of our textile unit, the children are creating cushions using cross-stitch, running-stitch and applique.

Here at Eaglesfield Paddle Academy, the children are really enjoying their weekly Violin lessons.

Art- Stone Age Art. Over the topic the children have been introduced to different skills and methods to draw, mark make and paint. These are our final pieces of work, where we put all the techniques together to create our own "cave" paintings.

English- In Year 3, we are working on instruction writing. The children took their "Stone- Age" instructions outside and followed them to create a fire. (We didn't light them!)

PE- The children are learning the skills and practicing the techniques for playing hockey. What a great way to start the day!

Music- What a great start to Year 3 Music lessons. The children are really excited to be learning how to play the violin this year.

English- Today we have completed our poems inspired by 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright

Art- To begin our Art topic "Stone Age Art" we found out about the Lion Man. The Lion Man is a masterpiece sculpted with great originality, virtuosity and technical skill from mammoth ivory more than 40000 year ago. The children created their own "Lion Man" sculpture using clay and natural tools they found outside.

Outdoor Science- It's the best time of year to learn about seed dispersal. The children had great fun searching for seed in our beautiful outdoor area. They also found out about how different seeds disperse.

Useful documents 

Residential meeting slides

Year 3 Residential! 



Here are the pictures from our residential to St johns in the Vale. The children had THE best time and were amazing ambassadors

for the school! 

Well done Year 3! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Year 3 science - Magnets and forces 


Year 3 have recently had a special visitor in from Sellafield (a REAL scientist!) to teach us all about magnetic force. 

Here are some pictures from our exciting day plus some more from a forces investigation too! 

Honister Slate mine trip 


This trip was linked to our rocks and soils topic in science and our volcano study in science. The children loved all of it, especially learning all about the TNT! 



DT - Cushions 

Year 3 have been very busy over the last 6 weeks creating a cushion. They have learnt to use cross stitch and running stitch and have created a cushion using appliqué. They have shown great resilience and patience. 

Stone Age Art

Today we have been experimenting with making brown using only primary colours. The children then traced around their hand and cut it out to create a template. They chose their favourite shade that resembled Stone Age colours the most and painted around their template to make a Stone Age hand print. I’m very impressed with the outcome! 

Celebrating Difference 

The children have been learning about differences we share as human beings. This week they have been role playing how to deal with conflict and how to come to an appropriate solution when conflict arises. 

5S programme 

Year 3 have enjoyed their first session of the 5S programme this week. They have been focusing on their stamina. 

Cities of the UK

Year 3 have been learning how to use an atlas today. They have located the key cities within the UK using the maps in their atlas and placed these on their own maps. 


The Lion Man 

Year 3 have been learning about the first artists, specifically the Lion Man in art today. They have sketched the sculpture and experimented with colour mixing to find the perfect brown shade for their sculpture. 

Stone Age Art

Today the children have made paintbrushes from natural materials and used nature to create paint. They are pretending to be Stone Age people and have created some cave art with their paintbrushes and natural paints. They have had lots of fun and made lots of mess!!

National Fitness Day 

The whole school engaged in an obstacle course today for national fitness day. Year 3 had lots of fun and were very determined!!

Year 3 have been enjoying their hockey sessions with Mrs Rudman. 

 Year 3



Mindfulness Day Fun!!

Making Cushions - DT

The class have been very busy over the past couple of weeks, learning how to sew a cushion with applique. They have done a fantastic job and are very proud of their creations!

Sports Day 

Year 3 had a wonderful sports day in the sunshine! They approached all activities with enthusiasm and determination. They made themselves, myself and the school very proud!! 

Making 3D Shapes 

Today we have been making 3D shapes using lego and k-nex. The children worked in pairs to make them and were very proud of their creations!


Some of the Year 3 children made some animals out of nature at break time today. They were too wonderful not to share!!

Greek Vases

Year 3 have been super busy over the past couple of months making their paper mache greek vases. It has taken a lot of time and patience, not to mention LOTS of newspaper, PVA glue and paint!! 

I couldn't be prouder of how amazing the vases look and how careful and creative the children have been. 

We put a modern twist on our designs to depict life as we know it now. 

We hope you love them as much as we do!! 

Outdoor Learning with Miss Lawler - Part 2!

Today the children have planned an investigation to take place when the sun appears. This involved lots of discussion, questioning and careful thinking to make sure we were creating a fair test!

We then headed outside to explore the school grounds to make shadow puppets! The children were split into groups and given the task of creating a story that they could show through shadows. This could be shadows using their bodies of from creating shadow puppets. The children had LOTS of fun with this and came up with some very imaginative ideas and creations! 

We can't wait for the sun to re-appear to carry out our experiment and act out our shadow stories. 


Cockermouth School Athletics

Year 3 had lots of fun doing athletics today, courtesy of Cockermouth School.


Outdoor Learning with Miss Lawler


This week, Year 3 have had the privilege of  learning outdoors with Miss Lawler. We spent the whole morning outside exploring and doing different experiments. The topic of our outdoor learning sessions is Light and Shadows, which as you can see below the children had lots of fun with! 

We covered many working scientifically objectives, including asking simple questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways, using their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions, identifying differences, similarities or changes related to simple scientific ideas and processes and observing closely, using simple equipment.


We started our day with an Aboriginal story of how the world came to be. The children were quick to notice how it reminded them of the Christian story of creation. We then set out to find objects that meant light to us. The children had to explain their reasoning such as, 'I have chosen a stick because you can create fire with it'. The children then observed their objects closely using magnifying glasses. Some children were amazed to see a rainbow (spectrum) when looking through their magnifying glasses!

Next, darkness! The children were blind folded and their partner had to guide them around the field safely. This was to help the children to understand that darkness is the absence of visual light.

We then started to explore our shadows - How do we create shadows? What are shadows? Can you make different shapes with shadows? What happens to our shadows when we face a different direction?


Putting our knowledge to the test

True or False - the children had to sort statements according to whether they were true or false. This was completed in groups and encouraged lots of discussion! The children were reasoning and explaining their ideas behind whether they thought it was true or false. 

Key Vocabulary Hunt-  Our last activity was to go on a hunt for key vocabulary linking to our topic. Once each child had at least one key word we then discussed them as a class. We talked about ones that we knew already and discussed those that we didn't know, which is great preparation for when we do come across these words throughout our topic!


We thoroughly enjoyed our morning and were very thankful that the weather stayed clear for us (it was hail stoning in the afternoon!!)

We cannot wait to see what next week brings!! 

Science -Light and Shadows

We started our new science topic today - Light and Shadows. We conducted an experiment to see if light travels in straight lines. We placed objects inside a box then poked holes through the box. We looked through the holes whilst shining the torch through a separate hole. The children soon realised that they could only see the objects directly below where the torch was shining and that light does in fact travel in straight lines!


This term, Year 3 have been lucky enough to have Jon in to teach them cricket!



Today the children worked as a team to place themselves in the correct order whilst counting in tenths. This helped when completing our number line work! The children who had a tenth bigger than a whole also converted their fractions. For example, 28/10 = 2 wholes and 8/10.

Planting Apple Trees 

Some of the Year 3 children helped Miss Lawler to plant some apple trees in our field. They worked very hard and were slightly muddy but they had the loveliest afternoon! They will now be our apple tree monitors, making sure the trees are treated nicely by everyone else in school. 


Perimeter maths work

Today the children have been measuring the perimeter of biscuits. This allowed them to put their measuring skills to the test and enjoy a yummy treat at the end!

British Science Week in Year 3

The children took part in a presentation made by past Paddle pupils where they shared: why they like Science, which scientists inspired them and their favourite experiments. The children also learned about Raye Montague - an engineer who conquered many obstacles to pursue her dream career. 


The focus for our science week was forces and magnets. The children explored the meaning of forces and how forces act when completing different activities. We then looked at magnets - why they are used, how they are used, the strengths of different magnets, how they repel and attract and what made an object magnetic. The children made predictions about which objects they thought may be magnetic. They then carried out a test to see which objects would be magnetic by going on a hunt with their magnets. We  experimented with bar magnets to see how they can attract and repel. The children recorded these findings, showing what happened when they had the poles facing different ways. Many children were able to make their bar magnets spin! 

We really enjoyed our science day. There was lots of discussion and questioning and plenty of fun! We loved seeing how magnets and forces work and how they can be used around the world.

DT - Castles 

Some of the fabulous castles that the Year 3 children have made whilst learning at home!

Stone Age Art

Today we are experimenting with our natural environment to make paint and paint brushes. We are trying to live like Stone Age artists. 

Our Stone Age art work.

We are experimenting with environmental colours and earth tones.

A real life Stone Age artefact! 

Year 3



Safer Internet Day

The Y3 children learned how to stay safe online and what to do if they ever felt unsafe.


Our guided reading work this week has been linked to newspaper reports that have featured the Australian bushfires. Children have answered questions on the reports, drawn pictures and created captions and headlines. We have also linked lots of Geography work and PSHE to this work. 

Strictly Come Dancing at the Year 3 and 4 Christmas party 

Making Christingles 

Preparing for Christmas

Have a look at us preparing for our Christmas Concert:

Our Skeletons


Year 3 have been learning about human skeletons in Science and identifying the different bones in our body. Today we have been building our own skeletons talking about its function and learning scientific names for our bones.

Outdoor Learning with The National Trust

Year 3 have been involved in a National Trust Guardianship Programme. We have looked at habitats and how to encourage wildlife into our gardens throughout the year. The children built hedgehog homes and other habitats. We had an amazing day thinking about our outdoor areas at school and at home. Hope you enjoy our photo's that really celebrate our learning and such an exciting day.

Connecting Classrooms 

Year 3 children Skyped our friends in India today. We have been linked with this school for about 8 months and our children have written to the children in India and have received letters back. We shared our learning and are amazed at the new experiences this school is giving us. They prepared a wonderful prayer for us today and then talked about their harvest festival celebrations and lots of important Indian symbols. We loved speaking to them,  we also shared our harvest preparations and the lovely things we are doing for the elderly in our community. We also showed them pictures and shared our writing of our Viking boat trip to Derwentwater. They were surprised at the wonderful scenery in Cumbria as they live in a very busy city.

20181004_155841_315245206789863 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

A day in the life of a Viking

Year 3 had an amazing day living the life of a Viking. We had the chance to sail and row a Viking longboat and listen to stories about how Vikings settled and lived in Cumbria. We also spent time with the Viking slaves starting fires, preparing shields, trying on Helmets and holding Viking swords. Sarah showed us what life would be like living in the camp and preparing food for everyone. We had the chance to sample the oat cakes we prepared.