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It is official!!
Our recent OFSTED inspection has been published.


Eaglesfield Paddle C of E Primary Academy underwent a section 5 Ofsted Inspection on the 6th and 7th December 2023.   Since 2011 the school has been “ungraded” from when it became a standalone academy.


The Headteacher, Mrs Dawn FV Watson, remarked that OFSTED inspections have received a lot of bad press recently, due to the unnecessary pressure they put on staff, so it was a relief to finally have inspectors visit our school and tell us that we are doing a great job and providing a good education for our pupils.  We are very proud that the comments made by the inspectors reflect all the hard work of the staff, governors and the wealth of support the school receives from parents to make Paddle School a great place to learn and develop for all the wonderful children who attend.


The school’s leadership team and governors are delighted that the inspection report accurately reflects the culture and values of Paddle School, and identifies that pupils are proud, happy, and safe, and that they flourish at our school.


The overall effectiveness of the school was graded as ‘Good’ and safeguarding was graded ‘effective’.  In addition inspectors graded the Behaviour and Attitudes of pupils as ‘Outstanding’, along with the Personal Development of pupils also graded as ‘Outstanding’.


Inspectors stated that; “Pupils are proud of their school.  They are friendly, polite and kind.  Pupils make a positive contribution to the school’s calm and respectful atmosphere.  Extremely positive relationships with staff help pupils to feel valued and thrive.”


In addition they said that pupils “strive to be the best they can be” and “flourish through an impressive range of opportunities” which helps them to “develop their resilience and their independence.”  “Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning” and they “respect the views and opinions of others.”


We are particularly pleased that inspectors graded the school ‘outstanding’ for both the behaviour and attitudes of our pupils, and their personal development.  These are values and expectations that are embedded in the Paddle Family culture, and we should not under-estimate the importance of these pastoral elements in providing opportunities for our children “to be the best they can be!” and prepare them for the next steps in their learning journey.


Inspectors identified that, in the Early Years “children demonstrate perseverance and the ability to solve problems” along with learning how “to recognise and manage risk” and that these children “make a strong start to their time at school”.  Mrs Watson commented that the activities and opportunities in the school’s Nursery class and the school’s Friday morning pre-school playgroup help facilitate a smooth transition into the Reception class.


We are also delighted that the Inspectors acknowledged the school’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity for all pupils, including those with special educational needs and disabilities.”  The Ofsted Report states that “The school accurately identifies the additional needs of pupils with SEND. Staff skilfully use this information to enable these pupils to learn alongside their peers”.


Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mrs Ann-Marie Steel said “When you read some of the positive phrases in the Ofsted Report you can’t help but feel exceptionally proud of being part of the Paddle School community. In particular I would like to recognise the amazing dedication and commitment to teaching and learning made by the combined contribution of both staff and governors who make it a very special place to work and learn in.”

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