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Year 5

Useful websites and links that can be used at home to support learning:

Excel spreadsheet activity - have a go at adding your own formulas for addition, subtraction,multiplication and division.

English - Guided Reading



Multiplying and diving by 10,100 and 1000

Roman numerals :

Revise or learn from scratch - work your way through the levels with this roman numeral quiz:


Place Value :

Need a little help with place value and partitioning numbers? Have a look at these fun games - I'm sure they will help.


Number bonds:
Finding multiples of whole numbers:
Addition and subtraction revision:



A useful website explaining improper fractions and a useful quiz to practise.






In Geography this term, we are learning about different Ecosystems and the world's major biomes.

We will be using the following websites for research in our sessions - why not have a look at home and find out as much as you can?




Websites and links to resources that support our current topic - Time Travel