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Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2021 -2022

Introduction to Year 2 Parents' Meeting Presentation

Science: hunting for living things


The children really enjoyed looking within our amazing school grounds for living things in their habitats. We lifted stones, hunted in the grass and enjoyed finding all the busy bees on the flowers in the peace garden.

DT Mechanisms: Making a moving monster

The children are learning about pivots, levers and linkages. They started by looking at everyday objects to understand that a lever is something that turns on a pivot and that a linkage is a system of levers that are connected by pivots. The children then experimented by making linkages.  Their next job is to design their moving monsters before constructing them and finally evaluating their design.

Art - Drawing

The children have created pieces of work in the style of Nancy McCroskey, using lines, shapes, patterns and tone/shading to fill in squares or shapes. 

Maths -Place Value

 The children are learning about tens and ones using manipulatives in the classroom. We have used a range of concrete resources: tens and ones, bead strings and place value counters



Year 2




Sports Day

The children had a lovely afternoon competing in a range of activities organised by Mrs Rudman. The Yellow Team were the overall winners, well done Melbreak!


As part of our PE curriculum, the children in Year 2 had the opportunity to try out climbing at Clip 'n' Climb. Over the three sessions, the children developed their physical skills, demonstrated  resilience and challenged themselves to get better or try something harder. Some of the children had never been climbing before but by the end of our visits they were all experts!

Forest School

Mrs Watkins came into school to lead Forest School sessions in our outdoors. We learnt about what a fire needs to burn, about fire safety, how to use a flint and steel and we also developed our map reading skills. 

Computing - Stop Motion

Art -Print Making

Daffodil Art

The Year 2 children painted daffodils to be displayed around Cockermouth as part of the Daffodil Day celebrations to mark Cockermouth born Poet Laureate, William Wordsworth.  

British Science Week in Year 2

The Year 2 pupils have been involved  in a wide range of activities for British Science Week, learning and having lots of fun.

The children took part in a presentation made by past Paddle pupils where they shared: why they like Science, which scientists inspired them and their favourite experiments. Also the children learned about three scientists: Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming and Ernest Everett Just. Finding out that Science is for everyone!

The focus for our science week was working scientifically:  asking and answering questions, observing closely and carefully, investigating, exploring, conducting fair and comparative tests, predicting, using simple equipment, recording, discussing and using evidence to draw conclusions.

On Friday morning, the children took their learning outside to explore the habitats and microhabitats in our school grounds. They  recorded their findings, used simple equipment e.g. magnifiying glasses and identified trees and invertebrates using keys and branching databases. We loved being outside and exploring , although it did get a bit cold!  We were very resilient scientists and kept going!

Next for some fair testing - we made flitter jars and tested whether the glitter sank more quickly with water or water and soap.

Finally we finished off our science week by making bubble juice, finding out how bubbles work and having lots of fun blowing bubbles.

We think Science is exciting and fun!

We hope you like the photographs.

Tell Me A Dragon - Writing


The children have loved reading and writing about dragons. Using the book Tell me a dragon by Jackie Morris, we have explored vocabulary and different sentence structures then worked on creating interesting descriptions for new dragons. The children have also been learning how to edit their work and have enjoyed using their personal dictionaries for the first time to correct spellings. Everyone is very proud of their writing and we hope you enjoy reading them.


 Miro and Mondrian – Painting

The children have looked at the work of Miro and Mondrian and compared the similarities and differences, exploring how they use line, shape and colour. We revised primary and secondary colours and mixed black and white paint with other colours to make different tones.

They then produced their own piece of work in the style of Mondrian.


Drawing habitats and micro habitats in our school grounds.

Year 2 Outdoor Explorers

Exploring habitats and micro-habitats in the school grounds.

We had an exciting afternoon exploring the school grounds looking in the hedgerow and meadow habitats for plants and animals. We also found lots of seeds and acted out how they disperse. 


Year 2 Information Meeting Presentation

Year 2



Outdoor Explorers

National Trust Link Day

Science - Basic needs of humans

Year 2 have been learning all about the basic needs of human and animals. We have been looking at how babies grow into fit and healthy 6 year olds. We had a visit from one of our classes’ baby brothers and had chance to ask questions about how to meet the needs of a baby. We asked questions about how babies grow and develop.

Made With Love For Our Church

Christmas Trip


Year 2 have had their second outdoor explorers session of the year. This time we based our session on geography. The year 2's learnt directional words; near, far, around, north, south, east and west. They know special ways to remember these too... Never Eat Shredded Wheat or Naughty Elephants Squirt Water. They even know how to find North on a compass! Next, they learnt about the features of a map and how to plan and follow a route.

Balanced Diet

We have been learning all about our food families: starchy carbohydrates, fats and oils, dairy or alternative, fruit and vegetables, protein and pulses and water. We used food models to categorise the food into the families and learnt about portion control. We now know that a portion of fruit and vegetables are the size of our fists and that we need 5 of these a day in the colours of the rainbow! Did you know that fresh fruit and veg, canned or frozen are all fine? We found out the fibre is good for our gut, starchy carbohydrates give us energy, protein is good for our muscles, growth and repair, dairy is good for calcium to look after our teeth and bones. Fats and sugars should be eaten now and again.

Active maths

Year two have been cracking codes to try and win the treasure. They were all given half of the code and had to find the other half to equal 20 then write a number sentence to go with it. If their number sentence was correct then they were given a gold coin for cracking the code.

Outdoor Explorers

Every half term year two take part in an outdoor learning afternoon called Outdoor Explorers. This half term we linked it to storytelling and science.

malleable                       transparent                   translucent                  green                              


man made                         natural                           straight                           multicoloured  

Computing in year 2


We have been using the talk for writing approach to learn our class book - STUCK. We have mapped out the story and learnt it with actions. We went outdoors and created our own story stick to help us retell the story. We have now moved on to innovating the story (changing the storyline but keep the same structure).

Maths - Place value

Year 2 have been experimenting with maths equipment to find lots of different ways to make and represent a 2 digit number.

(we took it outdoors for more space and fun).