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Contact with Parents

We hope that parents feel that Paddle is a welcoming place and that they feel able to discuss openly with staff any problems or worries they may have regarding their children as they arise. The best time for this is after school at 3.15pm, as in the mornings teachers are preparing for the day's activities. If only a word is required though, you will find staff in their classroom by 8.30am.  If you would like to make a longer appointment please contact the school office.

Occasionally, children present assemblies for parents. Because of limited space we have to restrict attendance to the parents of those children performing.


Informal Discussions

There are two formal occasions during the school year when parents come to school to discuss their children's progress in confidence. These are held in October and January/February  via the online system School Cloud and it is hoped that all parents will attend these meetings.  You will be able to book an appointment online through our  School Cloud booking system.

Teachers will make parents aware of any problems or strengths children have. We continually assess children in line with National Curriculum requirements and record this information in the child's personal record. Our own assessments are complemented by Department for Education and Skills Standard Assessment Tests for Year 2 and Year 6 children.


Accidents & Sickness

We like to know where parents can be contacted during school hours, especially if both parents are working. Please give us any alternative address or telephone number to be used in an emergency. The name of your family doctor is also of use to us under certain circumstances. It is important to tell us of any disability or recurring illness (deafness, weakness resulting from a major operation etc) which may have an affect upon your child while in our care. 


Paperless Communication - ParentMail

We are a 'paperless school' and use the online communication platform of ParentMail to communicate to parents and carers via Text Message and Email.  Please ensure that you keep your ParentMail account up to date with any changes to your email address or mobile phone number.  You can do this easily by managing your online account.  Occasionally  we will send paper copies of documents home in your child's book bag, especially if we need a reply slip returned to school as we understand that not all parents have access to a printer.  If you need any support with you ParentMail account please contact the school office.