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Year 3

Outdoor Learning Week

Year 6 made some field guides to support Year 3 with their Geography learning. We spent the morning working in the school grounds, near the pond, in the Meadow and around the amphitheatre using the guides. This allowed us to look at the nature that surrounds our school. We had a great time working with Year 6. Thank You Year 6 for teaching us.

Year 3 Residential
Year 3 had an amazing time kayaking and canoeing at Derwentwater Marina,   they were amazing ambassadors for our school. So much fun, lots of laughs and giggles and we were blessed with the weather. The afternoon was spent at King Kong Climbing wall - I was exhausted watching them!

Election fever comes to Year 3

Year Three are busily preparing for their election. There are four parties: each party has a leader and a campaign manager and the parties are busy preparing their manifesto which needs to include ten things they would do to improve our school. These ideas were based on their own suggestions and comments recently made on the pupil questionnaire sheet that was distributed to all pupils.


The children enthusiastically prepared Powerpoint presentations and speeches which they will deliver to the whole school on Friday to try and persuade undecided voters. Which party would you like to see storm home to victory? Who would you like to be the new Prime Minister in Year 3?


This has allowed Year 3 the chance to see democracy at work, freedom of speech and bring to life the importance of our British values. The local press will be covering the event.

Voting has begun!

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