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Year 2


Welcome to Year 2! 






Here are some pictures from this year's Nativity play: 'Baubles'.

Experience Christmas


Year 2 had the pleasure of going to St Phillip's Church to learn more about the Christmas story through fun activities.

Marvelous Mapping Challenge


We used our atlas skills and knowledge of compass directions to find places in the UK linked to the men involved in the Gunpowder Plot. It was a race against time to see who the winning team would be!

Life on a ship


We were joined by Steve from The Beacon who taught us all about what life would have been like on a ship. This linked nicely to our Heroes and Villains topic on Fletcher Christian. We learnt the parts of a ship, how to tie knots, how to read a code and some sea shanties accompanied by dances. We had lots of fun!

Testing Paper Towels


There had been a spillage in Year 2! Janet and Derek closed the area off and left us a note asking us to test out the absorbency of different paper towels to find out which type would be the best to soak up the spillage. We designed and conducted our own experiment and found out that 'Plenty' absorbed the most water. We displayed our results in block graphs.

The Miracles of Jesus


In R.E, we have been learning about the miracles of Jesus. We learnt the story about Jesus healing a paralysed man using a prop to help us. We then worked in groups to make a shoe box diorama to retell the story. We worked in groups and remembered to be kind and supportive just like the four friends in the story.

Picture 1

Boat builders


We used our D&T skills to make our own moving boats. We really enjoyed testing them out! Some moved, some didn't, some floated and some capsized! We evaluated out boats and decided what we would do differently next time.

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Getting to know you


We had lots of fun making 'Getting to know you' paper sculptures. We learnt how to make pleats, curls, arches, spirals, tabs and fringes. We put our cutting, sticking and folding skills to the test by following a code to make a sculpture that gives information about us like; whether we have siblings, what pets we have and what we like doing.



Residential Update


The children have had the most wonderful time making treasured memories! They are now fast asleep (we have walked A LOT!) They have created stick men, women, children and dinosaurs (to name a few!). Everyone especially loved swimming and playing in the park. We spent the evening eating delicious food and making lake monsters by Derwent Water. Every child has made us very proud and they have put smiles on the faces of people in the hostel and around Keswick. We are sure that tomorrow will be just as brilliant!


Place Value

In Maths, we have been using lots of different resources to make numbers. We have done a lot of explaining and problem solving to demonstrate our understanding of place value.

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We have been writing stories based on our class book. Our own story was about Mrs Watson getting her keys stuck down a drain. First, we had lots of fun coming up with silly ways for Mrs Watson to try to reach the keys but then we needed to figure out a way that would really work. The best way to do this was to try it out! Everyone had really creative ideas. In the end, we came to theconclusion that a magnet attached to something long worked the best.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 2





Sorry for the delay in posting photographs! We were trying until midnight on Thursday but the internet just didn't want it to happen! We have taken lots (HUNDREDS) of amazing photos so keep checking back for more uploads during the week. We hope you enjoy looking at them!


We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our Year Twos! They were kind to and supportive of one another and incredibly well-behaved. Staff and visitors at the hostel commented on the great behaviour and the children brought smiles to the faces of everyone walking around Keswick. The sunny weather was the icing on the cake! We had a wonderful two days laughing together in the outdoors and it couldn't have been better. I hope that everyone has had a relaxing weekend recovering from all of the fun and games! 

The Lake District Wildlife Park

We started the day by packing up our rooms (which wasn't as painful as expected) and having s delicious breakfast (some children had seconds and thirds!)


After breakfast, we hopped on the bus to The Wildlife Park and split into our groups. Everyone had a brilliant time looking at the animals and reading facts about them. We enjoyed the Bird of Prey Display by Richard, who had the birds swooping low over our heads and catching food! 


Before returning to school, we ate lunch, had cake for Miss Lawler's birthday and had a play in the park in the rain. A perfect end to a perfect residential!

Derwent Water

After dinner, we had a lovely walk through Keswick in the evening sun and spent some time by the lake. Miss Lawler told us stories about Ice Age monsters that live in the lake. We then organised ourselves into groups based on our skills and made our own creatures from natural materials. We gave them names, thought about how they move and where they come from to create stories for them. Each and every story was unique and imaginative!

We enjoyed seeing some duckings! They were so cute!

Still image for this video

Arriving at the hostel and swimming

We took our bags to the hostel and checked out our rooms. The hostel has been renovated and it is lovely! We were all really excited to be in the YHA but we weren't there long as we had swimming to do. We walked up to Keswick Leisure Centre to our wonderful extra helpers. Everyone was extremely quick getting changed because we were so keen to get into the pool to play together, make the most of the waves and hop on the slide! It was such fun and the hour flew by! 


Afterwards, we enjoyed a snack in the sun because swimming works up an appetite! We walked back to the hostel, unpacked and ate a delicious dinner of jacket potatoes and burgers followed by a yummy dessert.

Lunch and Playtime

After carefully selecting places to leave our stick creations, we said a special prayer and enjoyed a delicious packed lunch made by Lyn. Before leaving Whinlatter, we had fun playing together in the park.

Stick Man

We made our way up the path and through the trees looking for natural materials to make music with. We have very good rhythm in Year 2! When we reached the plateau, we had a snack and had a quiet moment to appreciate the surroundings and look at the wonderful view in front of us. After we were fed and watered, we listened to Miss Hillier read Stick Man. The story inspired us to make our own creations using sticks and other natural materials. All of our creations were super! There were stick people, animals, houses and monsters...

Setting Off

We were all very excited on Thursday morning! There was a lot of singing and chatting on the bus and we enjoyed looking at the spectacular views on the journey.


When we arrived at Whinlatter, we got into groups and then the real fun began...

Fatou's Feast and rain dancing


Head over to our Outdoor Learning page to see us eating our feast, enjoying a story and celebrating rain through dance:

Picture 1

Fatou Fetch the Water


We enjoyed acting out out story 'Fatou Fetch the Water' in the outdoors. We have some budding young actors and actresses in Year 2! 

Picture 1


Ella did a fabulous job at playing Fatou and she had a good giggle when she realised that balancing a bucket on your head whilst carrying things is very difficult but she persevered! What a star!

Still image for this video

We love maths!

We have been doing lots of practical maths like going on shape hunts, measuring, making arrays, partitioning numbers and practising doubles. We like to make the most of the lovely weather when we can too! 


Tell Me A Dragon by Year 2

We are still very proud of our dragon work and love to show off our talents. The children never want our display to be taken down! So it wouldn't be right for this work not to have a place on our new class page especially as the author loved our version so much!


As you may know, before Christmas, we studied a book called Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris. Miss Hillier sent pictures of all of our work to Jackie. We didn’t know if we’d get a reply as she is very busy. But even though she is finishing off writing a new book and gets lots of emails from schools, Jackie replied saying she loved everyone’s work and that it arrived at the prefect time to inspire her. She said it was wonderful and asked if she could put some pictures on her blog. She’d love to include them all but she had to pick just a few. She also generously sent us all some postcards and a letter written just for us! Since receiving our work, Jackie has set up a competition on her blog where you can win a copy of the updated version of Tell Me A Dragon by writing descriptions like ours.


Max sent Jackie a recording of his own wonderful dragon description which she added to the original post! Well done Max!


Well done all of Year 2! You are talented writers and you should be very proud of the recognition you’ve received. Take a look at the blog post here:

Picture 1
Picture 2