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Mrs Dawn Watson Headteacher
Miss Janice Durham Foundation Stage Leader/ Nursery Teacher
Mrs Gayle Fennell Reception Teacher
Mrs Jenny Watkins Reception Teacher
Miss Sally Wood Year 1
Miss Chloe Hillier Year 2 
Mrs Claire Langstaff Year 3 
Miss Danielle Thelen Year 4  
Miss Cath Lawler Year 5
Mrs Joanne Palmer Year 5 / SENDCo
Mrs Claire Fleming Year 6 / Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Lindsey Ashworth Year 6
Mrs Kath Edwards Senior Teaching Assistant in the Nursery
Mrs Nicola Tyrrell Senior Teaching Assistant Reception
Mrs Jacqueline Burgul Senior Teaching Assistant Year 1
Mrs Shelly Walker Senior Teaching Assistant Year 2
Mrs Helen Gate Senior Teaching Assistant Year 3
Mrs Edwina Seward Senior Teaching Assistant Year 4
Mrs Nicky Vatter Senior Teaching Assistant Year 6
Mrs Emily Fox Special Needs  Teaching Assistant
Miss Bethan Hughes Apprentice in the Nursery
Mrs Louise Caine Midday Supervisor/ SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs Emma Scott Midday Supervisor
Mrs Shona Grosset Midday Supervisor/Office Volunteer
Mrs Clair Cooper-Rickerby Midday Supervisor/Cleaner
Mrs Edwina Seward Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sue Booth Midday Supervisor
Miss Emma Hardy Midday Supervisor
Mrs Vanessa Taylor Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sian Tucker Midday Supervisor
Mrs Catherine Burrough Midday Supervisor
Mrs Chantahl Rodwell Midday Supervisor
Mrs Janet Brown Cleaner in Charge
Mr Derek Brown Cleaner
Mr Ian Loveridge Handyman
Mrs Claire Raven Office Manager
Mrs Sarah Borley Administrator
Mrs Roulla Worthington Administrator
Mrs Lynsey Littlewood Volunteer in Office
Ms Lyn Richardson Kitchen Manager
Ms Hayley Barton Cook
Ms Lorraine Tierney Kitchen Assistant