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Well winter has well and truly arrived. The children think Jack Frost has been very busy.  We have also made our own ice decorations. We have been exploring our beautiful surroundings in the frosty conditions and really thinking about why things happen with regards to freezing and melting.  This natural awe can cover so many aspects of our early years curriculum.  We have talked about the temperature and negative numbers, we have thought about the best place to hang our decorations to avoid the sun so they do not melt, we have buried our decorations so Jack Frost can not freeze them anymore, we have talked about icicles looking like stalactites and stalagmites and we know how to take care when it can be slippery underfoot. 

Nature is just wonderful. 

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Well Christmas is just around the corner, what a quick term. Here are some pictures of our trip to Whinlatter where we made decorations, met Santa and chose the Christmas tree for our classroom.  We had to think carefully about the size we needed - it couldn't be too wide or too tall. 

Merry Christmas everyone. 

Planning Board and Space!

Planning Board and Space! 1
Planning Board and Space! 2
Planning Board and Space! 3
Planning Board and Space! 4


Well how time flies! Nearly October holidays already.  What a busy term!  Take a look at our planning board photo...

As our theme is  Autumn we had a  wonderful trip to Harris park.  The children's behaviour was excellent; we were very proud of them. 

Also this term the children decided they would like to learn about space and we changed our outside area into a Space Station.  All sorts of learning has taken place, from writing the planets we wish to visit, to measuring out the rocket fuel for the space ship and learning how to share the resources and use our terrific imaginations when role playing  with our friends.

Well done you budding astronauts.  Mrs Tyrrell.


This term we have followed the children's interests and have set up a weather station in our role play area.  They have been busy recording the weather in our weather diary and checking our rain gauge daily for any rain water. 

We have also practised telling the weather forecast for Great Britain and clips of our weather forecasting will follow soon. 


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