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School sport fixtures and results


This page informs you about up and coming fixtures. It will also provide you with fixture results and match reports written by our year 5 sports leaders.


Paddle school prides ourselves in providing our pupils with a wide range of opportunities. We strive to deliver a wide range of sports and competitions to widen uptake at grass roots level. Our pupils learn sportsmanship and gamesmanship as well as developing resilience, perseverance, dedication and determination through the sporting opportunities we provide. We nurture and develop our gifted and talented pupils' however we also ensure that opportunities are available and inclusive for all our students.



Year 5 and 6 tag Rugby 21.3.19

Well done to our year 5 and 6 pupils who attended our consortium tag rugby tournament. Paddle entered two teams who came 3rd and 5th out of 10 teams.



Year 6 tag rugby 14.3.19


Well done to our year 6 tag rugby team who competed against other schools in our consortium today. The team finished 2nd out of 8 teams and scored 22 tries!!!


Well done Paddle!

Meet our Sports leaders
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11/10/18 - year 6 netball competition

18/10/18- year 5 netball competition

29/11/18 - year 5 and 6 hockey competition

6/12/18 - year 3 and 4 hockey competition

24/1/19 - year 5 and 6 football competition

31/1/19 - year 3 and 4 football competition

14/3/19 - year 6 tag rugby competition


Cross country boys
Well done to the Boys who travelled all the way to Kirkby Lonsdale to take part in the Cumbria cross country race. You all ran very well!! Special well done to Ged you qualified as a national reserve for Cumbria!!

year 3 and 4 hockey


Sorry to the year 3 and 4 pupils who unfortunately have had their Hockey competition cancelled twice due to weather! Hopefully we can squeeze something in somewhere else.

Year 5 and 6 Football
Well done to year 5 and 6 pupils who took part in the Football competition. Some lovely comments about both your level of skill and also manners. Great ambassadors for Paddle!

Year 5 netball


Well done to all that took part!


A message from Mr Charters, PE teacher at Cockermouth School,

"Thanks for your participation today in what was a great opportunity for your students to experience some competitive sport. The manner of the afternoon was fantastic and at all times sportsmanship and respect between players was top draw. Well done."


Year 6 netball results


A BIG well done to all the year 6 pupils who played netball against all the other schools in our consortium. Paddle came 3rd overall!!

Keswick Mountain Festival
Well done to all the children who took part in the Keswick park run on Sunday. Running club will make another appearance again soon. Watch this space!
Duathlon at Paddle KS2 intra school competition
football competition 
Well done to the year 5 boys and girls who took part in a football competiton on Saturday.  They won 2 games, lost 2 and drew 2 games! 

Rugby results


Well done to the year 5 and 6 children who played in a Rugby tournament. They finished 4th out of 8 schools.  
Cross country 
well done to the year 4 children who ran at the cross country competition. Out of 100 children George came 4th, Jack came 13th, Jude came 15th, Oscar 32nd and Taylor 33rd. Well done to all it wasn't the most pleasant of weather! 
football fun!
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Well done to the year 5 pupils who took part in the Premier league stars football competition at Whitehaven FC. They got to see the real trophy and ask questions about it.


These children also won a box of books to take home for having the best gamesmanship and sportsmanship of all the school who took part.


I am very proud of you!


Miss Thelen

It's School fitness week this week!!


This week is school fitness week. Each day 2 class will receive a 30 min PE session from Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' streamed live from youtube.

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Hockey Results
Well done to our year 5 and 6 girls and boys who competed against other schools in our consortium on 8th March. The children finished 4th and 5th in their groups.   
Football results
Well done to the year 5 and 6 children who took part in the football tournament at Cockernouth. They got through to the semi finals but finally finished 4th overall. Well done!
Hockey results 
Well done to the children in years 3 and 4 who took part in the Hockey tournament. That played really well and came 5th and 7th out of 16 teams!!! 
Netball results 
Well done to our year 5 and 6 children who took part in the Netball Tournament at Cockernouth school on 5th October. We played very well as a team, had great understanding of the rules, good sportsmanship and even won a game!

Sports day madness

Thank you to all the children, staff, parents and helpers who helped make sports day very successful for another year. We were very lucky with the weather.

A special well done to the red team who were the overall winner and also to Emily and Josh who won the marathon in their respective categories.

Rugby Success

Well done to all the KS2 children who took part in the rugby competition at RCFC in Cockermouth.

Year 3 and 4 boys came runners up

KS2 girls qualified for the semi finals

year 5 and 6 boys also did very well too!

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Multi-skills Madness

Today the whole of Key Stage 1 took part in a multi-skills festival in Cockermouth. They did really well and had a fabulous time showing off their sporting skills.


A special well done to Honey in Year 2 who won two awards.


A VERY big thank you and well done to our Sports Leaders who help officiate and lead games at the festival. We were the first school to offer the help of our Sports Leaders at this event and they made Paddle very proud. The organisers of the festival commented on their professionalism and kindness to the younger children and will be asking more schools to help in the future!

Cricket against Dean


Well done to Paddle school who won their cricket match against Dean School!

Dean school is bowled over by Paddle’s Victory – by Scarlett Chappell

On the afternoon of Thursday 22nd June, 10 Paddle pupils went by minibus to Dean school to play a cricket match. Four players were from Y6 – Rama, Elise, Kieran, and Josh and six were from Y5 – Scarlett, Summer, George, Roman, Adrian and Sam.

After a few very hot days the temperature had dropped so fortunately we didn’t have to worry about playing in intense heat.

Dean were up to bat first and made a good start. At the end of their innings, Paddle were chasing a total of 251 points which included 6 runs from Dean. Paddle fought back and after batsman Roman achieved 2 runs the score was soon at 196 points. George’s innings took it to 200. Us 4 girls continued the attack to take us to 209. The break came when Josh came in to bat and scored a 6 by hitting the ball over the fence! The tension rose as Paddle needed another 3 points to win….another 6 took us into the lead by 3 points and then Josh finished his roll of 6s by hitting the ball over the school! Paddle won by 20 points finishing on 271 points.

At tea we had juice and delicious fairy cakes and the sugar injection changed everything! There was time for another quick game. Paddle batted first and Adrian scored a 6 followed by 4,4,6! The tally rose until we finished leaving Dean a score of 240 to beat. Dean did well only bowling 4 wides in 6 overs. They scored 4 off a superb bowl from Summer then I bowled them out 😊 Dean were on the attack to close the gap scoring a 6. The remaining Dean batsmen needed just 10 points to win. With Josh bowling for Paddle our chances of another victory were high, as was the tension but a solid hit from Dean left them just 4 points short of success. Josh clawed the score back by throwing the ball at the stumps and got a man out leaving 8 to win. Paddle won by just 2 points in the end - a close call but a resounding victory in both games. WELL DONE TEAM PADDLE!




KS2 children competed in a Duathlon against 9 other school in cockermouth. They did very well and had a lovely time in the summer sun.



1st- Josh (Y6), Emily (Y4)

2nd - Holly (Y6), Ged (Y4), Phoebe (Y5), Myrtle (Y4)

3rd - Martha (Y5), Jack (Y4)


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